Illusionism, Mentalism, Escapology.
By combining these 3 elements Jason Enygma is able to entertain and involve even the most demanding audience.
Forget the idea of ​​the classic magician, he is the exact opposite.
Graduated from the World Magic Academy which later became Silvan Magic Academy, his studies were perfected at the Magic and Mystery School in Las Vegas.
Likeable, brilliant, enigmatic, creative, he is the creator of shocking effects that trigger many questions in the minds of the audience without possible answers.
A few inches from your eyes he is able to completely overturn the laws of nature: objects that disappear or appear in the hands of the spectators, drawings that comes to life, playing cards that visibly pass through the table or the body, knives that pass through clothes without cut them, hypnotic effects, viewers' thoughts that materialize before their eyes, mind reading and much more ...

On stage he catalyze the audience's attention, alternating Mentalism, Escapology and Spectacular Effects, and thanks to his dynamic and magnetic personality, the spectators are drawn into a whirlwind of fun and amazement.
Expert in Motivational Psychology and Body Language, he uses his knowledge to involve, in addition to the eyes, also the mind of the audience, and thus make them live a 360 ° magical experience.

He performs between Europe and Usa, for some of the most important and prestigious companies: Porsche, TIM, Whirlpool, Samsung etc .... with shows in both Italian and English.
He's in great demand at Russian and Arabian Private Parties.
Infront Sport hired him for the most exclusive sporting events: Ski World Cup, World Golf Championships ...
He was part of Anna Oxa's “History” Tour, for which he created the Great Illusions that he performed together with the Singer, in Opening, Interlude and Final of the Concerts, achieving great success with audiences and critics.

With his spectacular Illusions was a finalist at Italiy's Got Talent, his act "Dangerous Box Escape" was the most watched, with millions of viewers glued to the tv.